Harvest Day

27 September 2009 from 10 am to 7 pm, Marjetica Potrc and Wilde Westen,
in collaboration with residents and the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam,
celebrate the Harvest Day/Oogstfeest.

The event is supported by Stedelijk Museum, Stimuleringsfonds voor Architectuur,
Stadsdeel Geuzenveld en Slotermeer, Koers Nieuw West, Far West.

Marjetica Potrc and Wilde Westen would like to thank residents of
Lodewijk van Deysselstraat 61 and
collaborators for their dedication to the project and for having
influenced it in positive and stimulating ways:
Aisha, Costa, Carlos Breton, Marina Breton, Elisabeth Dalen, Mostafa El Filali,
Eptsiam, Alfonso Estrada, Marcello Fantuz, Freestate SWOMP, Gerda,
Gionata Gatto, Henna, Marjolein Houben, Femke Janssen, José,
Christien Kop, Latifa, Wietske Maas, Mostafa, Ouardia, Praktijk school,
Roy, Taji the Chef, Wendy van Beeten, Rufus de Vries.

A special thanks goes to: Katie Bachler, Allison Danielle Behrstock,
Dasha van Amsterdam, Wapke Feenstra, Florian de Visser.

In the video protagonists of the garden and the kitchen of
The Cook, the Farmer, his Wife and their Neighbor,
during the Harvest Day, 27 October 2009. Photos © Sjoerd.

Opening 18 April 2009!

The Cook, the Farmer, his Wife and their Neighbor
Project by Marjetica Potrč and Wilde Westen (Lucia Babina, Reinder
Bakker, Hester van Dijk, Sylvain Hartenberg, Merijn Oudenampsen, Eva
Pfannes, Henriette Waal)

Video was shot during the opening of the project, 18 April 2009, by Adolfo Estrada

Toward the Harvest Day

Waiting for the 27 September 2009: the Harvest Day,
in which we are going to celebrate the last day of the good season
and the beginning of a new season toward re-appropriation,
cultural re-making, redefinition of a social contract.

By waiting we are going to be busy with several events and workshops:

3 and 12 September Latin Sisters Design Production recycling workshop

5 September theatre workshop for kids with Marina Breton

19-20 September Wietske Maas will lead a group of pariticipants in fishing, hunting and cooking spontaneous autoctonous food. See all photos here.


After the Opening!

This is our house, this is what we started from: an empty garden and a kitchen.
In the window the project is announced.
Inside and outside residents are getting condifent with the place.

© Gert Jan van Rooij

© Gert Jan van Rooij

© Lucia Babina

© Lucia Babina

© Eva Pfannes and Sylvain Hartenberg

Opening time of garden and kitchen

From now on the kitchen will be open from Wednesday to Saturday, from 12.00 to 18.00.
The garden will be open from Thursday to Saturday, from 12.00 to 18.00.
Every week activities and workshop of any kind are organized in the kitchen and in the garden.
Accordinigly the garden and the kitchen might extend the opening time.
In order to know more contact us (stadskweker@gmail.com, stadskok@gmail.com), check of course this website or the website of the Stedelijk Museum.

Our Gardener Roy

Finally we found a gardener, his name is Roy.
He will be in the garden at leat three days a week.
On Thursday, Friday and Saturdy, from 12.00 up to 18.00.

© Lucia Babina

He is really committed to the garden.

© Lucia Babina

Kids harvesting

© Lucia Babina

© Henriette Waal

From dreams to deeds

How the garden is turning slowly to an eden garden with a lot of vegetables, such as tomatoes, zucchini, pumpkins, beans, green beans, potatoes, eggplants, peppers, paprika, radishes, cabbages, and also special Surinam vegetables.

© Henriette Waal

© Henriette Waal

Step 1.
The garden was empty and we devided it in pixels of 1 square meter each.
Each square meter costs 1 euro and residents can buy how many they wish.
Contract says that 50% of the harvest goes to the kitchen for collective initiatives.
Individual adults, group of kids, families are now involved in the garden.
Vegetables gardens amount to 30 units.

© Henriette Waal

© Henriette Waal

© Henriette Waal

© Henriette Waal

Step 2.
Saturday 2 May 2009, from 10.00 am onwards, we prepared the soil with residents
who applied for a pixel in the KKVB garden.
We digged the ground, we thought about what to plant.
We fenced the single vegetable gardens.
Praktijk school helped us a lot and planted themselves beans!
For more information and to get a pixel, contact Henriette Waal (stadskweker@gmail.com).

© Henriette Waal

© Henriette Waal

© Henriette Waal

© Henriette Waal

© Henriette Waal

© Henriette Waal

Step 3.
What we see now is a rich and blossomed garden
around which a nice community shaped up.
We hope for a long life!

© Henriette Waal

© Henriette Waal

© Henriette Waal

What is happening in the kitchen

The kitchen is our meeting point, a place where we people, and especially residents, drop by,
can have a coffee, spontaneously arrange lunch or dinner, organize a party, have gatherings.
It is also a laboratory where ideas can be epxerimented, shared and improved through workshops, discussions, events.

1. Kitchen is used informally by residents

Costa and Aicha, © Henriette Waal

Steunpunt women, © Lucia Babina

Katie and Elisabeth, © Henriette Waal

2. Workshops of cooking, such as Dora's Kitchen's workshop
(Surinam kitchen) and Taji's the Chef's workshop (Sushi).

Dora's Kitchen workshop, © Lucia Babina

Taji the Chef's workshop, © Taji the Chef

3. Workshops about hunting and cooking autochthonous food,
such as thistle, of Wietske Maas.

Wietske Maas workshop, © Henriette Waal

Wietske Maas workshop, © Henriette Waal

4. Workshop of permaculture and compost by Free State Swomp

Free State SWOMP workshop and Gerda, © Henriette Waal

Dora's Kitchen Workshop

De kok, de kweker, zijn vrouw en hun buurman kookworkshop door Dora’s Kitchen
14 mei – 25 juni 2009
Lodewijk van Deysselstraat 61, Amsterdam


Eten is een moment van verbroedering dat op allerlei manieren ingevuld kan worden.
Dora’s kitchen nodigt bewoners van West uit om samen te koken en kennis te maken met elkaar d.m.v. kookworkshops.
Rijst met kouseband of BB met R (bruine bonen met rijst) zijn de welbekende Surinaamse gerechten.
Dora wil u verleiden met door met u de multiculti Surinaamse keuken te bereiden en te proeven! Wekelijks zal er een menu samengesteld worden van verschillende tropische gerechten gemixt met lokale producten.
Wat dacht u van Boemboebali met Köftelik en tomaten-chutney of cassave stamppot!?
Wilt u kennis maken met de smeltkroes van de Nederlandse – Surinaamse keuken?
Schrijf u dan in voor de kookworkshops verzorgd door Dora’s Kitchen.
De kookworkshop is onderdeel van het project De kok, de kweker, zijn vrouw en hun buurman, een initiatif van Marjetica Potrc en Wilde Westen i.s.m. het Stedelijk Museum.
De kookworkshop zal elke donderdag vanaf 14 mei t/m 25 juni (21 hemelvaart gesloten) plaats vinden in de Lodewijk van Deysselstraat 61, Amsterdam, vaanaf 18.30 t/m 21.30.
Deelname is gratis.
Wij vragen een kleine bijdrage van € 5,- voor de ingrediënten.

U bent van harte uitgenodigd om mee te doen laat het ons wel uiterlijk 1 dag van tevoren weten
als u komt!


14 mei (18.30-21.30)
Manapua (groente pasteitjes); Masosa Moksi Alesie; Abrikozen - ananastaart

28 mei (18.30-21.30)
Gevulde Gourgette & aubergine met Küfke gehakt en Capati’s

4 juni (18.30-21.30)
Gritibana soep (maaltijdsoep); Kouseband met Rijst

11 juni (18.30-21.30)
Okra vissoep; Boemboebali met amsoi

18 juni (18.30-21.30)
Pindasoep; Gevulde kip met appeltjes uit de oven; Zandkoekjes met cashewnoten

25 juni (18.30-21.30)


Dora’s Kitchen
Elisabeth: +31613956459

Wilde Westen
Lucia: +31643958164
of Dasha: +31621278298

Cooking day!

Wednesday 29 May 2009 at 12 in Lodewijk van Deysselstraat 61, more than 30 women are going to cook cous-cous and pinda sauce.
They visited already the kitchen with Lucia, Dasha and Christien Kop (Steunpunt Coordinator).

© Lucia Babina

Before the Opening!

More vegetable gardens in Slotervaart

This vegetable garden is run by a collective of residents in Viveportenstraat (Slotervaart, Amsterdam). We are in good company!

© Lucia Babina

The vegetable garden of Mrs Unal

Once upon a time there was a courtyard in Parmenidestraat (Amsterdam Nieuw West).

© Lucia Babina

In the courtyard there was the vegetable garden of Miss Unal...

© Wapke Feenstra

After some years Ymere, inspired by Miss Unal, took over and designed a new courtyard with many allotments. Miss Unal doesn't have her garden anymore, she has to inscribe in a waiting list!

© Lucia Babina