What is happening in the kitchen

The kitchen is our meeting point, a place where we people, and especially residents, drop by,
can have a coffee, spontaneously arrange lunch or dinner, organize a party, have gatherings.
It is also a laboratory where ideas can be epxerimented, shared and improved through workshops, discussions, events.

1. Kitchen is used informally by residents

Costa and Aicha, © Henriette Waal

Steunpunt women, © Lucia Babina

Katie and Elisabeth, © Henriette Waal

2. Workshops of cooking, such as Dora's Kitchen's workshop
(Surinam kitchen) and Taji's the Chef's workshop (Sushi).

Dora's Kitchen workshop, © Lucia Babina

Taji the Chef's workshop, © Taji the Chef

3. Workshops about hunting and cooking autochthonous food,
such as thistle, of Wietske Maas.

Wietske Maas workshop, © Henriette Waal

Wietske Maas workshop, © Henriette Waal

4. Workshop of permaculture and compost by Free State Swomp

Free State SWOMP workshop and Gerda, © Henriette Waal